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What We Do

We optimize blockchain startups for growth

As early adopters in the blockchain space, we share the passion of inventors and entrepreneurs for these novel technologies. With both technical and sales expertise, and a robust network of industry partners, we support innovative startups in scaling their businesses and bringing their products to market.

Through working with international enterprises, governments, and academic institutions, we have delivered first-of-their-kind educational programs to communities around the world. By preparing startups for market, and priming the market with education, we work to drive true adoption of blockchain technology.

Case studies

Who We Are

Our Clients

The Government of Canada → Consulate General of Canada in New York

The Government of Bermuda → Premier's Office of FinTech

Mantle Blockchain → Data Privacy & Compliance

Knox Custody → Digital Asset Custody & Insurance

Bidali → Digital Payments & Rewards

Netki → Travel Rule Compliance for Virtual Asset Service Providers

Urkel → Mining Pool Compliance

Mothership → Captive Insurance for Blockchain Businesses

Blockchain Triangle → Licensed Digital Asset Issuance in Bermuda

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We are always looking for motivated individuals who are passionate about the blockchain and digital asset industry.

Blockchain knowledge is not a necessary prerequisite for working at Penrose Partners, but an openness to learning is! Check out our available positions or send in a general application.

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