Mantle Blockchain

April 20, 2021

Short Narrative Summary:

Penrose has worked closely with Mantle’s executive team and board of directors since the early stages of the company’s growth, supporting the company with international business development, product refinement, and managing customer and investor relationships. From building out all sales material to developing a VC investor pitch deck Penrose has guided the Mantle’s product suite to meet its customer’s needs. Penrose has continuously managed and converted on a steady pipeline of customers for Mantle which has resulted in significant revenue growth and expansion into three new international markets.

Quotes: “Technical product refinement and communication is their expertise. For us, this translated into multiple sales with reputable enterprises and entry into three new markets.” -Pascal Leblanc, CEO of Mantle Blockchain

What We Did: 

  1. Successfully closed recurring SaaS deals with enterprise customers in four countries including Canada, Mexico, US and Bermuda
  2. Supported business expansion to Bermuda and France
  3. Introduced Mantle’s executive team to the Canadian Government’s Trade Commissioners Service and the Bermuda Government 
  4. Represented and successfully completed three accelerator programs: Canadian Government Technology Accelerator, the University of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab and the CleanTech Open Accelerator
  5. Developed all sales and marketing materials including the management of a full design rebrand and new website launch
  6. Developed and managing Mantle’s CRM including all key customer and investor prospects for the business
  7. Prepared investor pitch materials for Mantle’s investment round
  8. Represented Mantle at 12 international conferences and events
  9. Providing ongoing strategic guidance as a member of Mantle’s Advisory Board
Mantle CEO, Pascal Leblanc with Penrose Managing Partner, Kerem Kolcuoglu

Over the past few years, the team at Penrose has vetted hundreds of start-ups that claimed to have built truly disruptive technology. After diving into all of these projects, one stood out as a clear front-runner for mass enterprise adoption: Mantle Blockchain. From our very first discussions, we knew that Mantle and Penrose were the perfect match. The two firms have an aligned vision on driving real business benefits from blockchain technology that is simple to integrate and affordable to maintain. The hope is that Mantle’s Blockchain as a Services (BaaS) will lead to executives to reconsider their blockchain strategy and accelerate their roadmaps.

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