Enterprise Adoption

The blockchain, digital asset, and cryptocurrency industry moves fast with new products and innovations coming to market everyday. Keeping up with the industry is a full-time job and near impossible without the background knowledge on the history and fundamentals of this emerging sector. 

Penrose Partners have spent the last several years researching, educating, and implementing these blockchain-based solutions in consumer and enterprise markets. We bring our knowledge to your business to truly uncover with you how blockchain can benefit you or your business.
Our process always begins with training and education. The fundamental concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain technology are complex and constantly changing as the industry iterates upon existing infrastructure. We stress the importance of understanding the history of the cryptocurrency industry and the core value propositions of blockchain technology. With this foundational knowledge, it becomes easier to identify the appropriate use cases and solutions for your business.
Why Penrose?
Why should you learn about blockchain through us? We have worked with some of the first enterprises, governments, and academic institutions around the world to embrace and adopt blockchain technologies. We have significant experience developing full university-level curriculums for technical blockchain development and have hosted educational workshops for government officials, business executives, and investment professionals.
Our Beginnings
In 2018, the founding team at Penrose Partners led the development of the first two blockchain development courses and supported the launch of the world’s first blockchain-focused university, the Kerala Blockchain Academy. This program was launched with the government of Kerala in India and is one of the most successful blockchain education programs in the world with thousands of students graduating since the genesis of the program. 
Further Work
Beyond university level education, Penrose has designed, developed, and hosted educational curriculums for business executives from multinational enterprises, Big 4 accounting firms, institutional investment groups, and some of the top financial institutions around the world. Most recently, Penrose has been engaged with the Government of Bermuda and Government of Canada to drive blockchain and digital asset education across the public sector.
We cancel out the noise and break down the complexities of the space into a concise narrative that truly addresses the topics that matter to you and your organization.

Once educated, we show your team our roster of incredible blockchain businesses looking to have their products implemented and adopted in the market. If your business already possesses blockchain knowledge and you’re formulating your adoption plan, we have businesses and products that can expedite your time to market and truly make your systems bulletproof.

Our Process

Training & education for your champions


Curriculum roll out to greater team


Participation in technology feasibility studies


Strategic consulting & adoption plan


Proof of concept development or full integration


Case Studies

Our Clients

Our quality work and professionalism has earned us our reputation as trusted blockchain industry advisors.

We take this responsibility very seriously and only bring the best blockchain businesses to the attention of our partners.

If you are interested in adopting blockchain within your business then we highly encourage you to explore the capabilities of some of our software partners that have spent years in this industry uncovering how to bring the benefits of blockchain to the masses.

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